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09-06-2002 - 01:01

odd things.

i think that on my work today i stepped into some alternate world.

hmmm...let's see...

well, i came across one of the worst smells today. a cross between putrid rotting flesh and death. someone came into the hospital today who had maggots infesting most of their body. and gang green. yeah...nasty.

i think i finished my 5th day of work today. if so, then i only have 5 more days this week.

i also called and left a msg. at shaun's place. today is his birthday if i am not incorrect, so i figured he'd be at the bar tonight, but thought i'd call anyways.

what else. well, i've finally started talking with some of the people at work that i don't actually work with, but run into frequently. 2 nurses and a clerk. they now know me and have shared a few interesting stories.

hmmmm...and ordieth (aka bill)has invited me to dinner and a movie when i finally end up having the time. that could be fun since i haven't seen him since i graduated.

also, something interesting...on my drive home from work, i was driving 10 over and saw a car approaching fairly fast in my rearview. so, i switched lanes. ended up being a cop car. well, they didn't even stop me. i was very surprised and happy.

"i would die for you. i would die for you. i've been dying just to feel you by my side, to know that you're mine. i would cry for you. i would cry for you. i will wash away your pain with al my tears, and drown your fears. i will pray for you. i will pray for you. i will sell my soul for something pure and true, someone like you. see your face every place that i walk in, hear your voice every time that i'm will believe in me, and i will never be ignored...i would die for you. i would kill for you. i will steal for you. i'd do time for you. i will wait for you. i'd make room for you. i'd sink ships for you, take the cross for you...make me a part of you, because i believe in you...i believe in you..." -garbage



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