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09-06-2002 - 02:49



1. i am glad that jack had a new job, even if he doesn't think it's the greatest.

2. i am currently slightly worried about a specific will/liam/william. things sounded fine, but perhaps they've taken a turn for the worse. hopefully he will email me back soon.

3. there is a certain guy that i know of who claims that he's never had a girlfriend. i find this very surprising. it's always odd to hear of a cute guy who doesn't have a girlfriend...let alone one that's never had one. strange.

4. i am hungry, and very lazy. i wonder how long i will sit here on the computer before my stomach forces me to get up and give it food.

5. i don't want to go to work tomorrow. i really don't know why, but i just want to make some new friends and hang out at a bar. guess it's a good thing that it's sunday. makes it a little more bareable.

6. i need to go swimming. swimming late at night under the stars.

7. i wonder when the next new moon is...i also wonder when the next full moon is. i think i need to go swimming on the night of the next full moon.

8. a midnight picnic and night swimming sound like the perfect cure for my life. wait...a midnight picnic and night swimming with someone sounds like the perfect cure.

9. i've lost a reader. i'm actually surprised anyone reads my entries.

10. i've finally gotten that nasty smell from earlier out of my mind.

11. today i discovered how hot a bullet proof vest really is. this summer is going to drag on....

12. i can't believe that my little sister is going to be married in under 4 months. i can't even find a guy to date for a substantial (is that spelled correctly?) amount of time. they are not prepaired. i think they should wait...especially since last night when they stayed over, my sister ended up crying for at least half an hour.

13. i'm thinking of taking my car in on my next day off to get checked out. i've not taken it anywhere for work for years, and i'm starting to worry about it. i know the alignment's off, and i fear that the shocks and struts are going. i will likely fix these things if they are bad, but i really am not sure. i must finally give in and have an "expert" look at my car.

14. i think i've come to the conclusion that i need to move out for my own sanity. actually, i've had this conclusion for some time, but now i'm acting on it. on my next days off, i'm going to look at apartments and perhaps put up an advert for a roommate.

15. as for a roommate, i'm not sure what i should do. i really would need a roommate, but i think that i'd have a hard time living with someone. i don't want a female roommate since i really don't have many female friends and would likely feel akward hanging out/living with a female....but then it would be odd to have a male roommate that i'm not seriously dating/engaged to/married to. if i knew of a male friend that was looking for a place in the same area, that would be great...but posting an advert to the effect of "female looking for a male roommate", might think something rather odd of that.


"dear, i fear we're facing a problem, you love me no longer i know and maybe there is nothing that i can do to make you do...mama tells me i should't bother...that i ought to another man, a man that surely deserves me, but i think you do..." -the cardigans



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