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12-06-2002 - 02:42

well, my sister's court date was postponed, and my father does not have cancer. ...but, he has surgery on his tumor this friday, so i really hope that goes well.

i really don't have much to add here tonight...not after my mussed up entry last night. oh well, i'm feeling much better now anyways.

well, other news is that my sister's wedding is post-poned. i'm not sure for how long, but i do know my parent's are now out $1,000. her fiance is an evil bastard.

well, i fell asleep listening to music last night, and i'll do the same tonight. music is the cure for everything.

so....that's all for now. only 2 days left of my 10 day work week, then 2 days off. no plans yet. so...that's all for now.

wait...shaun just called and i'm on the phone with him...hmmmm...

"it was tuesday morning, november. i slept at your house the night before...we couldn't wait to get up and go for a big breakfast in an old-fashioned diner. a full meal and six coffee refills later...we both have to be at work in an hour..."-hayden



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