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19-06-2002 - 01:27

ah...catching up...

well, i have a four day weekend coming up and as of yet, i have no plans. i really ought to do something about that.

anyways, my sister ended up getting really drunk last night, and was going to drive. my parents ended up driving the hour up to lansing to pick up her car so she can't drive, and see what happened. well, she is now single and living with one of her friends. her new cat is possibly with her ex-fiance, but no one really knows. so, i get to spend part of my four day weekend moving her stuff out and back to my parents...yet again. (yes, i did move her stuff back about a month and a half ago and i get to do it again.)

...and, i'm thinking of taking my car in. i haven't had someone else work on my car for years, so i'm a little apprehensive. oh well, my car needs it and well...yeah....

"we could find a town, be just how we want to be. no one here really cares about us anyway...we could find a place, make it what we want it to be. no one really gives a fuck about us anyway. we could just how we want to live. no one here really cares about us anyway. we could be...everything we want to be...we could get lost in the fall glimmer sparkle and fade. the sparkle and fade. fall glimmer sparkle and fade..."




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