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21-06-2002 - 02:42

well well well...

today was my last day of training. i am now an officer. today was a really really great day. i can't even explain why.

tonight a bunch of us went to friday's for snacks and drinks. much fun was had.

also, tonight, when i went to my car after work, there was a ticket on it. not a real ticket mind you, but it said something to the effect of congrats on it.

i also seem to have new nicknames at work. sugar and kitten. interesting....

ah...i finally feel like i am back to my old self again. i am happy.

i guess there is nothing else to say...


"today is the greatest day i've ever known, can't wait for tomorrow...i might not have that long. i'll tear my heart out before i get out..."

-smashing pumpkins



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