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24-06-2002 - 03:03

in review...

well, i had a fun night out with some people at work. had some yummy food and beverage at friday's. so, that's how my days off started. right from work to the bar. fun fun fun.


day one of four:well, i ended up staying the night shauns. we wandered the greater ann arbor area and ended up at a really cool bar. they have yummy drinks there...and good pizza. then we watched the movie american psycho. very interesting. very fun.

day two of four: i went to ryan's and hung out with him and jay. we had much difficulty in the "queues". i'll not even get into it. but, after jay left, ryan and i hung out watching interesting movies and drinking. and yes...we did search for the cheapest rum there was, and this time did not get ill from it. (damn you evil crystal palace gin) anyways, much fun was had.

day three of four: well, i came back from ryan's at about 5pm. then i ended up helping my move my sister's stuff from the cars and u-haul, into the downstairs. i guess she helped move the stuff into the vehicles, but was not there to move the stuff out. granted i only helped move the stuff out, but it's not my stuff to be moving. then i watched ocean's eleven...the remake. i love that movie. i'd really like to have two of the posters from the old movie up in the bathroom of my apartment that i do not have. i'd like the one with them all walking...the one that inspired the scene from resivore dogs...and the one with them standing and the red eleven in the corner.

well, tomorrow i'm going to the greater lansing area. i have an eye appointment at 3pm. i think before it, i'll browse around world market. they have some great stuff there...and perhaps i can find a decent wine rack there.

well, for now i'm going to watch the sci-fi channel, perhaps eat something, browse ebay, and maybe even try to log into chat again...

"fly me to the moon. let me play among the stars. let me see what spring is like...on jupiter and mars. in other words, let me hold your hand. in other words, baby, kiss me..." -sinatra



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