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26-06-2002 - 24:42

today was my first day on my own at work. strange things had to happen...but, enough about work.

it rained today. rain is fun when it's warm out. i really wished i would have been able to frolick in it.

well, i'm really enjoying my thai iced tea. it has to seep a bit longer than regular tea, but oh well.

last night/this morning, i watched the movie roman holiday. i love old movies...especially ones with audrey hepburn in it. that movie really makes me want to go and play in would be so amazingly fun.

well, there's always so much i think of putting in here on my drive home from work, but when i get here, i never feel like following through. it's never anything good or clever...just rambling, but it might some day start some amazing entry. oh well.

"crazy how it feels tonight. crazy how you make it all right love. you crush me with the things you do. i do for you anything to...let's go drive till morning the sunrise to fill our souls up...drink some wine till we get drunk. it's crazy i'm thinking, just knowing the the world is round. here i am, i'm dancing on the ground. am i right side up or upside down? is this real, or am i dreaming?"

-dave matthews band



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