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27-06-2002 - 01:11

the sky looked amazing tonight on my drive home. the stars were bright. there was lightening sans the thunder, and it was behind the clouds, so it just illuminated the clouds with a pinkish orange color.

one thing i was going to mention the other day that i didn't was the following: the other day after moving my sister's stuff back, my mother, grandmother and i were sitting at the mother kept talking about all the guys that like my sister and how they're "standing in line" to take her out. she was engaged for about a year and a half...unengaged last week, and she now has a date for this friday. this friday! she was ready to get married a week ago, but now she's already back into dating. well, the thing that i liked about the situation is that my grandmother (on my father's side), interrupted my mother and said that one of her friends who had met me a few times before was talking about me the other day and saying that i was such a beautiful girl, and that i had great style. well, this made me happy...not only because someone said nice things about me, but because it kind of shut my mother up on the whole all guys love my sister thing.

i also guess i'll possibly be hanging out with my friend gordon for the first time since graduation, this friday...but only if shaun doesn't mind if i stay at his place.

other than that, i'd have to say that bullet proof vests and heat are not a fun's toasty enough out, and then add the wonderful heat trapping powers of the

"a dream it's true, but i'd see it through, if i could be wasting my time with you. so if i'm inside your head, don't believe what you might have read. you'll see what i might have hear it...come waste your time with me. come waste your time with me..." dave matthews band cover

(the bass player for dave matthews band is hot.)



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