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09-07-2002 - 12:00

've been watching old movies off and on all day while cleaning...i love the old movies. i love the dramatic/romantic aspect of them. i don't know if it's a girl thing or just because my head was filled with fairytales when i was little, but i know it will never happen, but in the back of my mind, i would love meet a charming, romantic guy and fall in love...if only for a little while.

i also had the thought today that i think love is addictive. once you fall in love once, you kind of get hooked on the feeling...some people get hooked on the concept. in reguards to the concept part, i wonder if that's why so many marriages/engagements don't work out. i wonder if people fall in love with the concept as opposed to the actual person.

well, i am rambling, ranting, and raving. i feel as if i'm in a slightly disenchanted haze. i'm just worried about my sister and the choices she's been making lately, and i'm a bit weirded out by everyone trying to set me up. do i look like i need to be set up that badly? oh well.

"good times for a change. see, the luck that i've had can make a good man turn bad. so, please please please, let me let me let me, let me get what i want this time. haven't had a dream in a long time. see, the life i've had can make a good man bad. so, for once in my life let me get what i want. lord knows it would be the first time. lord knows it would be the first time." -the smiths



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