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14-07-2002 - 03:03

so much has happened lately, that i'm just going to leave everything out and start with today...

after work, i came home, ate ice cream and watched the movie "strange days". i really like that movie...i even think i've mentioned it in a past entry. the movie is good, and the musical selections in it are good. yeah...

well, life is on the upswing. i've not found a place yet, but i am looking. work is going well, and i predict a social life to kick in at any time.

there's a guy at work who i'd really like to hang out with. he seems fun and has a decent taste in music. my plan is to meet and hang out with a few people from the hospital, and then eventually meet some of their friends, and then i'll have tons of people i know in the area.

"it's in this moment, hold on...when everything has come apart, it's in this moment, right now. when everything comes together..."

-strange days soundtrack



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