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01-08-2002 - 01:23

i'm a bit behind on the entries lately, but here's an update:

last tuesday: day off #1. john calls me up and asks if i want to hang out with him and two girls he works with. i say "sure". we meet up at big boy's. then john, juile, katherine and myself end up going to the skezy bar in town. after much drinking, we go to the house that the two girls are sharing for the summer. much fun was had. also, oddly enough, john and i kissed. not making out, but it was still weird. stayed the night at the girls place...spill over into the next day.

last wednesday: day off #2. woke up at juile and katherine's place. get dropped off at big boy's. john and i eat lunch there. john discovers he's lost his keys. after much searching, i drop john off at his friends place while keys are still mia. go home. nap. eat. john calls. still no keys. he's at the bar (where he went looking for his keys to no avail). i meet up with him there. we play a computerized quiz game for about an hour. go to big boy's. john finds his keys (juile found them). john and i end up driving to wendy's. hang out there for some time. i end up leaving at about 2am. have work the next day.

last thrusday: back at work. on the way home, car dies. alternator quit. get ride home from someone at work.

last friday: have my car towed. lick an envelope for bills. paper cut the side of my mouth.

last saturday: car is fixed. much money is spent. could have fixed it myself, but car died an hour from home.

last sunday: don't recall.

last monday: last day for work. evil and hellish. worst day of work so far. won't even get into how awful it was. come home. zone out in front of the television. eventually read some then sleep.

this past tuesday: go into jackson. buy some glass frosting stuff, a dvd for my father, and some clearence glasses from meijers. come home. play with the frosting stuff. stop in at big boy's looking for people to hang out with. run into john. get johns number (which i never got before since i figured i'd just lose it). john states that he's now lost his house key. also states that he may have a person or two over at his place later. i go grocery shopping. go home. play with glass frosting stuff again. 2 hours pass. realize i've lost john's number. wendy calls, asks if i want to come over. i hop in my car, brave the construction, and end up at her place. we sit around and chat a bit and drink a bit. call john. invite him and tom and tom's girlfriend over. wendy picks them up while i hang out with her kid (didn't want to wake the kid up, and my car only seats two.) we all hang out, drink, and listen to music. tom and his girlfriend end up eventually sleeping in ac downstairs. wendy, john and i end up sleeping in her room. john and i on the floor...not together. spill over into the next day.

today: wake up eventually. drive home. eat, drink iced tea. wrap aimee's birthday gift. drive to lansing. hang out with aimee and joe. go to the ukai. eat yummy sushi/sashimi. go to lansing mall. i actually buy shoes. a pair of glittery red high high heel shoes. see the engagement/wedding ring set that joe has ordered for aimee. eventually drive home. play with my glass frosting stuff. hop on computer.

now i must wash my uniform, drink some tea, chat a bit, drink some tea, sleep some. go to work in the morning.

i've also haven't heard from shaun in about a week and a half.

and that is my update.

"i wanna be the prayer answered when you need me, the pain the bat and the blood when you beat me..." -custom

(i love this song)



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