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02-08-2002 - 02:34

so, i still can not log into chat. why is this? i am unsure.

other than that, i finished day one out of only 5, back at work. enough work talk.

i have won two ebay auctions today. the trigun anime series on dvd, and a trigun wall scroll. oooooo...the first two items i've bid on in years and i win them both. i am a happy jim. perhaps when i get the items, i will watch all 26 episodes and then glance at the wall scroll during breaks. maybe i'll even wear my new red sparkley (possibly spelled wrong) shoes. this is jim semi-content. now all i need is an apartment.

the only bad thing is that i have to pay for my items with money orders. one will take any money order, but the other requires a postal money order. when did the post start banking pratices? hopefully when i show up at the post and ask for money orders, they will know what i'm talking about and not just look at me funny and ask if i'd like to buy a book of stamps.

i'd type more tonight, but i think i'm off to bed soon. not that i'll likely fall asleep anytime soon, but at least it's an attempt. and all of this because i have a ton of things to do tomorrow before work.

until then i'll sit and finish my tea, and attempt to log onto chat yet again.

"you'll steal my heart, i'll count to three. you'll walk away, just like on left enchanted..."

-home town hero



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