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07-08-2002 - 04:04

it's a beautiful cool day outside. i'm not used to leaving entries during the daylight hours. there's a nice breeze drifting in through the windows. it smells like it's going to rain...

well, the topics for today's jim-hawking show are the following: "morphing siblings" and "what i did during my "weekend""...

"morphing siblings": my sister has gotten yet another tattoo...on the back of her neck. i am very angry about this. she does not seem to know of have even asked if the place was state certified, or even if the tattoo artist themselves were certified. she did not ask if they use new needles for every customer. she did not ask if they use brand new needles, or sterilize the old ones and re-use them. she claims that they "make their own needles". i'm not even sure how she gathered that little factoid. well, about the morphing part. she is changing. she used to come home almost every weekend. until recently, she used to call at least once a day. now she hardly calls, and never comes home. i guess she's also cut her hair fairly short. no one in my family knows how short because no one's seen her in a couple of weeks. i haven't seen her in about a month. soon she'll be moving in with a bunch of guys she doesn't really know. if things don't change by then, i think we've lost her. she seems to already be cutting her self off from everyone. she barely even keeps up the contact required for my parents to give her money and such. well, there's nothing i can do about this...i can't even get a hold of her on the phone anymore.

"what i did during my "weekend"": well, i got out of work monday night. borrowed a book from matt, and then drove home. then i called wendy who invited me over. from there we sat around watching television while the bottle of wine i brought over chilled. after proper chilling, we realized that we did not have a means of opening the bottle. we asked/called around with people in the area, but could not get a hold of anyone who had a corkscrew. eventually, wendy just bought one. that night ended with us drinking wine and watching television. then, tuesday night i watched 12 monkeys with my father. after that i called wendy, but her phone was not working properly. so, i called john who then invited me over to his place with tom and his girlfriend. well, i was not planning on drinking at all since john lives with his mother and sisters and isn't supposed to have people stay the night, but john, tom and myself ended up drinking and listening to music. eventually tom's girlfriend ended up driving him home, and i ended up staying at john's. well, we ended up kissing again. (not the while making out thing...just a few kisses on the lips) i don't think he remembers that, but being the immortal demi-god that i am, remembering almost everything, i remember quite well. anyways, it's not a dating/love interest kind of thing. it just seemed right at the time. well, we ended up sleeping in until about 1:30pm. he walked me out, and likely went back to sleep, and i drove home. now i'm here typing all of this trying to decide what to eat.

anyways, after watching 12 monkey's last night, it makes me want to watch fight club. wanting to watch fight club reminds me that i've not heard anything from jack in some time. so, jack...if you're reading this, the immortal demi-god wants to know what's going on.

i would also like to take this time to state that i really miss hanging out with ryan and jay who unfortunately for me have "normal" jobs....the ones that work normal hours and have the weekend's off. so, with my tuesday/wednesday "weekends"....i haven't seen them in some time.

also, i have an odd habit of giving people songs. when i meet people, or hang out with people, i tend to associate songs with them. i'd like to list a few of these associations...

ryan- ryan actually get's a whole album. james. greatest hits.

jay- madona. ray of light.

aimee- reel big fish. their first album.

wendy- 311. amber.

john- mxpx. chick magnet.

shaun- whole album. coldplay.

joe e.- jimmy eat world. in the middle.

"ne vois-tu pas que tout cela ne nous mene nulle vois-tu pas que tout cela ne nous mene nulle part...tant d'effets tant d'efforts et de temps passe a dejouer le sort qui nous etait jete et pourtant devant tant d'evidence"

"can't you see that all this lead us nowhere...can't you see that all this lead us many effects so many efforts and time spent eluding the spell cast on us but in front of so many obvious things"

-autour de lucie (possible slight translation error)



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