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08-08-2002 - 04:35

it's in the early morning hours. i'm wondering where the summer went. i've not even gone swimming. i don't think i've gone swimming in 2 summers now.

i have a new poster today. the serendipity movie poster...with john cusack. mmmm...he is so amazingly hot.

i watched the lord of the rings and the time machine movies tonight. both were interesting, but i like the first better.

i've noticed something lately. all of the odd things i wear...seem to be popping up everywhere now. wearing dresses/skirts with pants...wearing ties with non-tie needing weird. maybe soon i'll be "in style".

i am oddly happy. with the things that are going on in my life, i find it strange how happy i am.

top 10 songs that would be on the soundtrack for my life today:

1. shooting star-bad company

2. acetone-mudhoney

3. i'm so tired-fugazi

4. twist-nin

5. anyone can play guitar-radiohead

6. lost myself-longpigs

7. one for my baby (and another for the road) acoustic-frank sinatra

8. perfect day-lou reed

9. sink to the bottom-fountains of wayne

10. beat me-custom

insomnia. you'd think i'd be used to it by now.

random thoughts. i really like guys with buddy holly glasses. mmm...

yeah...i'm watching the buddy holly show right now. late night television.

drinking tea. can't sleep. rambling. need to put clothes in the dryer. have to work in the morning. neck hurts. shoulders hurt. need more tea. need to sleep. for some odd reason, i feel like buying flowers...something to keep in a vase near my bed. can't believe it's august. i think i slept through july. my sister was going to be married in just over a month. i want to drink champagne in the mornings. i want to stay outside all night with friends looking at the stars. i want to go camping. i want to play the drums. i want to eat pommegranits. i want to dream. happiness..

"out here i can barely see my breath surrounded by jealousy and death. i can't be reached...only had one call...dragged underneath. separate from you all...this time i've lost in my own spite of everything i've learned. i hid my tracks. spit out all my air. slipped into cracks. stripped of all my cares, my cares. i'm so tired sheep are counting me. no more struggle. no more energy. no more patient and you can write that's all too crazy...i'm not sticking 'round." -fugazi



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