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12-08-2002 - 03:59

well, i was in the middle of an entry when my computer crashed.


my arm hurts. grrrr....

i'm tired and i can't sleep. i'm actually starting to look foreward to my nightly plagues of insomnia.

well, i decided that this thursday i am going to have to live vicariously through matt. i'm pretty sure he's going to the sunshine tour. cake and modest mouse are playing and i can't see them due to work.

i'm also unhappy about a few things...jay didn't mention that he was seeing someone the last time i was on the phone with him. also, kurt is currently in ny and matt is going to vegas in a few weeks. both of the places i want to visit. bah.

i think i'm hanging out with wendy tomorrow/tonight when i get out of work.

i wonder if drummer boy is going to email me.

i don't want to work anymore. i want to travel.

hmmm...i'm watching a weezer video. i really like the "geek-ish cool" look...and the buddy holly glasses. mmmm...if only i could find someone in "real" life like that. maybe ryan and i need to go buffet shopping for potential significant others.

my arm stings.

my mind is wandering tonight. it wanders every night. one of these days i'm going to wake up and it will have lost it's way back.

i wonder if john will let me be in his band. i haven't played in a while. i also wonder if i can get john to show me how to play the song he played on the keyboard over at his place. hmmmm...

i hope my dvd's show up in the mail soon.

i miss hanging out with ryan.

ever have those days where things are going well and you're having a decent day and you come home and no one's there? just wanting to come home to someone who doesn't yet exist in your life? i just think that that would be a great feeling...a great way to end a decent come home and have someone there. someone to eat left-overs with. someone to curl up in bed with. hmmmm...i think that i'm thinking too much.

i need an apartment. i'm still calling about them. still need to check some out. maybe i can get someone to go about with me and check out apartments.

well, i need to try sleeping.

"drink life as it come...straight, no chaser..." -bush



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