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21-08-2002 - 01:21

ok. a quick review of what's been going on.

i have two days left of my eight day work week. i am still recovering from my 16 hour shift two days ago. this work week, i will have worked 9 shifts. grrrr....

well, after getting out at 6am on the double shift day/night, troy (guy i work with) and his wife were kind enough to let me sleep over on their aerobed since i had to be at work later that day.

other news. there is still tons of construction on my way home, so i've been taking another route home. i hate construction.

ummm...i may have found an apartment. i'm going to look at it tomorrow before work. it's 1.71 miles from my work place.

i won a wine rack on ebay. wooo....

i'm watching a jackie chan movie right now. not sure of the name of it.

got my trigun series in the mail today. got to love ebay.

that's all for now. my brain is fried from too much work.

"how will i get through tomorrow...if i can't make it through today? how will i get through tomorrow...when today is in my way?" -mxpx



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