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28-08-2002 - 02:22

top five books:

1. high fidelity-nick hornby

2. good omens-neil gaimon/terry pratchett

3. hitchhikers guide to the galaxy series-douglas adams

4. neuromancer-william gibson

5. the xanth series-piers anthony

top five "hey i'm lonely and depressed" songs:

1. high and dry-radiohead

2. shiver-coldplay

3. heaven knows i'm miserable now-the smiths

4. fake plastic trees-radiohead

5. please please please let me get what i want-the smiths

top five most intense crushes:

1. tim avram

2. shaun dobie

3. kyle smith

4. will schwar

5. my current crush whom only ryan knows

top five famous guys i have a thing for:

1. john cusack

2. orlando bloom

3. toby maguire

4. rivers cuomo

5. christian slater

top five dream jobs:

1. musician-drummer

2. comic book creator/writer/illustrator

3. clothing designer

4. writer for a well known music magazine

5.special agent-f.b.i.

top five places i'd love to live:

1. flat in london

2. villa in italy

3. castle in scotland

4. suite in tokyo

5. apartment in new york

well, lets see. i had tons of fun hanging out with ryan this past weekend. went to ashley's bar...had some strongbow cider...went to the club...went shopping...bought a lot of see-through undies...

but not necessarily in that order.

watched all 26 episodes of trigun in the past 2 nights. i love trigun. anyways...i need to get, i'll end with the song that's been stuck in my head for the past two days...

"so...hitotsu-me no yoru ni izuko kara koishi go sekai ni ochiru. so...fatatsu-me no yoru ni koishi no ko ga te wo tori warutsu wo kaku. sound life. so...mitsu-me no yoru ni warutsu no ko wa yonamo ni ue-bu wo utsu. so...yotsu-me no yoru ni nami no ko wa kishibe ni shibuki wo ageru. sound life. so...itsutsu-me no yoru ni sono kakera ikudomo yonamo wo tataku. so...mutsu-me no yoru ni sono aizu tabibito wa tsudoiau. sound life. so...nanatsu-me no yoru ni omosa no nai fune wa sora e to hashiru. so...yatsu-me no asa ni izuko kara no uta ga mimi e to todoku. sound life. saa...atarashii sora ni subete wo shirushita kumikyoku go hibiku. sound life. sound life." -trigun lyrics

"so...on the first night a pebble falls to the earth from somewhere. so...on the second night the pebble's children hold hands and sketch a waltz. sound life. so...on the third night the children of the waltz cause ripples on the face of the world. so...on the fourth night the children of the wave spray the shore. sound life. so...on the fifth night those shards strike the face of the earth over and over. so...on the sixth night those signals bring travellers together. sound life. so...on the seventh night a weightless ship races to the sky. so...on the eighth morning a song from somewhere reaches my ears. sound life. well then...a song that has recorded everything echoes to the new sky. sound life. sound life." -trigun lyrics



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