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01-09-2002 - 02:46

on my ride home from ann arbor tonight, i got stuck in traffic...only a block and a half away from my parent's house. accident at the fork in the road. appearently a body must have been thrown since there were paramedics and police with flashlights combing the grass area. then a bit later two different helicopters dropped down to pick something/someone up.

other than that, and the whole me kind of missing shaun, i had a great weekend. hung out with ryan...went to tiki bob's bar in pontiac with a bunch of people i know. much fun was had.

one odd thing was that sara's brother zack was there. as was jessica. the last time zack, jessica and myself were in the same area together, jessica was a bit unhappy because she thought i was hitting on zack and she was interested in him. well...she thought the same thing once again. it was weird mainly because she pulled me aside to let me know that she was interested in him and that i was basically invading her territory. the funny thing is that i was talking to him about todd mcfarlane action figures when she thought i was hitting on him...not really the best pick up conversation.

at the end of the night, i ended up having to lay across a bunch of people's laps in the car to get to becky's car which was parked far far away. then we all went to denny's.

then today ryan and i went to ann arbor...i bought some action figures...we ran into cory and heidi at ashley's bar...jay and his boyfriend met up with us...then eventually i drove home...see first paragraph.

upon arrival at home my father tells me that someone called me. i then ask who. he answers...i don't remember. i ask, male or female? he replies, male...mention some of your friends names. i then list off a bunch of my friends names. my father then says that it's none of them...possibly a skip or skeet. i find this odd since i don't know a skip or skeet...or anyone with a name that even resembles either of those. oh well...

now i'm watching lame 80's movies on the tnt superstation. bah.

there's a phantom planet and a dashboard confessional concert coming up. (not at the same time.) i want to go to those. i haven't been to a concert in some time. there's also a coldplay concert coming up...but it's in toronto. (mmmm...the guy from coldplay is hot...yes, the lead singer. hot and british...what could be better?)

i've also been thinking that i'd love to date a hot guy who would be willing to dress up (cosplay) for a comic con. that would just be amazingly great.

ryan and i have also decided to get an apartment together. it will be in the greater wixom/novi area...and it will be at the very end of november/early december. with a gay friend named jack, we could be just like will and grace.

the slightly pathetic part of this is that the following thought actually crossed my mind...if i was still seeing shaun, he'd only live 0.5 hours away.


i don't want to go to work today/tomorrow. i want my wine rack to come in the mail. i want to grow my own grape vine. perhaps a shiraz/syrah vine. i want to live in london...or a city that's alive all the time. i want to sleep in. i want to stay awake for ever. i want to dance in the light of a full moon. i want to go swimming. i'm going to start skating again. i'm breaking out the drumsticks this week. i need tea. i need to keep drawing. i need to clean. i need something. i want everything.

i did see an amazing shooting star on my drive home tonight. it was bright enough to see from my car.

i really like the avrial lavine (or how ever her name's spelled) song...the skater one. it keeps getting stuck in my head.

"and i, i can't dream anymore since you left. i miss you singing me to sleep. i can't wake anymore in your arms..." -new found glory

"is it cool if i see you tonight? there's a thousand questions i want to ask you, if you think that it's all right..." -new found glory



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