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03-09-2002 - 04:32

i actually saw a commercial the other day that i really liked. almost enough to buy

their product...if i actually wore jeans. the commercial was for levis

"dangerously low rise jeans". in the commercial, the part that i caught at

least, there was a guy and a girl driving in a car trying to get away from

someone in another car chasing them. well, they back into an alley and turn

the lights off. the other car passes them. they get out and push the car off

the docks and into the water. well, then the guy dives into the water after

the car appearently looking for something. when he comes up, it's a french

dictionary. as the guy and the girl walk off, she says something to him in

french. all the while a really good song is in the background. now i want to

see the commercial again to catch what she says to him.

i am in an odd melancholy mood. i am not tired, even though it's a late late hour. i'm happy, but i'm not quite sure why.

i met my sister's new boyfriend today. don. the car accident i saw at the side of the road the other day was ross from down the street. i've been told that "his brain is mostly in-tact" and that he has multiple fractures and is seeping spinal fluid from his ears. but he's expected to recover. i'm not sure if i mentioned any of this in a past entry or not...the days have been merging and sometimes i can't recall what day i did what. i think this is a sign that i need to establish a "normal" sleep schedule.

finished the book i borrowed from matt. it was quite interesting.

there's so much to say and nothing to say at all. i'm having a weird day/night. worked yesterday. had the day off. have to work tomorrow/today.

there's so much going on in ann arbor. now i just need to get people to do these fun things with me. wine tasting...movies...concerts... i have come up with the perfect situation. i live with ryan in wixom/novi and i date a guy who lives in ann arbor/ypsi. that would be great.

well, i'm done for now...brain's empty...must attempt sleep.

"yet my hands are shaking...i feel my body matter...i'm on fire..." -air



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