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06-09-2002 - 07:01


well, i got home from work. luke called. i told him i was bored. luke, john, tom and myself ended up going to the brooklyn bar and only had time for one drink before closing.

before leaving, i had left a note for my father not to lock the side door. we're not allowed to use the front door for a few days due to some sort of black-top covering. i do not have a key to the side door.

well, we all end up leaving the bar and collecting in the parking lot behind ernie's apartment which also happens to be behind weatherwax drugs. there skating takes place. drinking takes place. loud music takes place. much fun was had. next thing we's just past 5am.

then i get home...and guess what. the door was locked. i had to use my demi-god skills to "break" into my parents house. now i am here...typing.

well, i guess that's all for now.

"dear lover, do you remember the beats of my heart that i gave to you...and that was all i need to fall in love.."-foo fighters



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