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10-09-2002 - 04:32

i'm watching audrey hepburn on amc right now in "my fair lady". i love the sparkley necklace she's wearing in the movie at the ball...and her dress. i wish i was in an amc movie. everything always ends happily ever after (well, most of the time).

well, on my wish list...a necklace like the one from the movie...a shiraz/syrah grape vine...a wine cellar...a formal kimono with all of the fixings...a villa in italy...a castle in scotland...and a cute and smart boyfriend.


amc is having an audrey hepburn i guess marathon on sept 21st. hmmmm....

i need to find something to do thrusday night. maybe i'll start up packing. i can't believe that i'm moving out this month. i will spend my 23rd birthday in my own place. life is semi-unbelieveable right now. i'm already thinking of how my room is going to look...what i'm going to have on the walls of my bathroom...what ryan and i will have in the fridge...

my room will have a futon mattress on the floor (my bed). book shelves containing my t.v., tons of books, and my sterio. i will have blue towels in my bathroom. i will have a small wine rack and glasses in my bathroom as well.

bah...when did it get to be so late/early? it's past 4am. grrr...

ah. well, i'm off to surf ebay a bit and then perhaps sleep...or attempt it.

"don't talk of stars burning above...if you're in love, show me. tell me no dreams filled with desire...if you're on fire, show me. here we are together in the middle of the night. don't talk of spring, just hold me tight. anyone who's ever been in love'll tell you that this is no time for chat. haven't your lips longed for my touch? don't say how me..." -lyrics from "my fair lady"



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