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25-09-2002 - 02:20

...between the gutter and the stars...that's where i've been.

actually, my dial-up service decided to change their number with out telling me. i was finally able to talk to a tech who gave me the new number. as you can see, it works.

well, some might ask..."jim, what have you been doing for the past week or so?". well, i'll tell you.

in random order. friday at work, i had to work 2pm to 2am. during the course of this work, matt told me that the new valet guy marcus was having a party on saturday night. well, saturday, ryan picked me up from work. we started heading towards the party and matt called ryan's phone. (i'd called earlier and left him ryan's number.) well, matt states that he's at another friends place and that we should stop in there. we do so. we park near a treasure murix. you might ask, "what is a treasure murix?". well, no one seems to know...least of all me. hung out on matt's friends portch (spelled right?) with a bunch of people. then we headed towards the party a bit later. on the way there it was discovered that ryan, who is not a resident of the ann arbor community, knew the roadways much better than everyone in matt's car, who are all residents of the community. then, much fun was had at the party. the strongest "jungle juice" i've ever had was drunk there. and some scotch. much more fun was had. talked to matt who claims that his family "owns" a castle in scotland. (so, someone way way back somewhere in his family history owned a castle.) anyways...he did prove that he can pull off a really good scottish accent. after the party, ryan and i went to denny's and had yummy yummy food. then i was deposited back at work at my car and headed home.

ummm...other than this, i move out sunday. yes. the moment of freedom is almost here. i have so much packed, and so much more to pack. i have almost attained escape velocity. i will be free once again. nothing can stop me now. on sunday i will be flung out of the hellish gravity of the vulpix known as brooklyn. life is good. life is great. it's a good time to be an immortal demi-god.

not much else to say. i just have to figure out the whole moving thing. oh yeah...i guess the other day my sister was backing out of a parking spot with her old car and ripped the front bumper off. her car is now undriveable. yeah...

"i waited till i saw the sun. i don't know why i didn't come. i left you by the house of fun. i don't know why i didn't come. i don't know why i didn't come. when i saw the break of day, i wished that i could fly away...instead of kneeling in the sand, catching teardrops in my hand. my heart is drenched in wine...but you'll be on my mind...forever. out across the endless sea. i would die in ecstacy, but i'll be a bag of bones. driving down the road along. my heart is drenched in wine...but you'll be on my mind...forever. something has to make you run. i don't know why i didn't come. i feel as empty as a drum. i don't know why i didn't come. i don't know why i didn't come. i don't know why i didn't come." -norah jones



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