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11-10-2002 - 01:11

happy birthday to me. happy birthday to me. happy birthday to me....happy birthday to me. friday october eleventh. i am now 23. i'm sitting in my room alone drinking wine. i toasted to myself tonight.

well, i am still a bit unhappy about having to work my whole birthday weekend. grrrr.....

i am also a bit unhappy that i am alone on my birthday. oh well.

anyways...i'm drinking a bit of delicious syrah. light. crisp. good. then i will eventually clean up a bit. shower, and then get some sleep so i can wake up early for my birthday breakfast with my parents.

well, what happened today....

i was invited to a halloween party by one of the hva (paramedic) guys. i believe his name is darren. i have no costume, so i'll have to come up with something.

it doesn't feel like my birthday. i don't feel any older or wiser. i still have a display of action figures across my room. i will never grow up...or at least i hope i will never grow out of myself and become something else.

only a day off...

"another saturday night and i ain't got nobody. i have some money 'cause i just got paid. how i wish i had someone to talk to, i'm in an awful way..." -sam cooke



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