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18-10-2002 - 02:22

i am 23 now. i've said that before, but i'm still not used to it. i've had my car for just a few days over seven years.

well well well...i have to go to the dentist in the morning. i've not been to one for some time, so i'm a bit frightened of what they're going to find. other than that, i'm still sightly ill, but getting better. i think i was just run down. too many things going on all the time.

i did find out today that my sister now has a third tattoo. i love my sister, but if she can't even afford to see a movie in the next 2 months, i really don't think she should be smoking (smoking isn't only bad for your health, but damn expensive nowdays) or getting tattoos. oh well. i gave her ten dollars for fueling for her car...which is a total wreck. appearently (and this is her old car as my parent's took away her new car) the cover for the fuel tank is barely hanging on, her front bumper is held on only with bungee cords, there is a medium sized dent on the drivers side of her door, one of her door handles is busted, and there's probably more that i didn't realize at first.

it's windy out tonight. and chilly. i do so wish that i had someone to curl up with tonight. perhaps in the near future.

oh, i did get my dream camera for my birthday from my parents. nikon coolpix 5000. i'm just starting to discover how to use it, but i love it already.

i'm not sure what else to say. i love my new place more and more every day.

disjointed thoughts. i'm watching the american movie classics channel right now. i kind of wished that a certain someone would call me today, but they haven't. and no, it's not shaun. i am over shaun. not over in the sense of no longer having feelings for him, but in the not-crossing-my-mind-on-a-regular-basis kind of way. though, i'm not sure what would happen if i actually saw him again...but i do think that a hot guy in a kilt could definitly get me completely over anyone. hmmmm....

"if the sun should tumble from the sky, if the sea should suddenly run dry, if you love me, really love me, let it happen darling, i won't care..." -jeff buckley



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