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20-10-2002 - 04:04

so, i finally got around to seeing the movie "reality bites". tonight ryan and i watched that and another movie that was in french. both were pretty good, but i think that i liked reality bites a bit more. so, movies, wine, and popcorn. perhaps we'll have to make a habit of this.

well, one thing i noticed is that in the movie, the main male character "troy", reminds me a bit of just about every guy i've ever dated. the point being that lessons learned in life are best gathered from movies...movies with happy endings.

i'm trying to keep up with entries, but i seem to be doing a poor job of that. i'm still adjusting to life. life and freedom. none of this seems real yet. it's all like a really good dream.

the only reason i know all of this is real is when i came home the other day and there was a rank odor in our apartment. i tracked it down to the trash bin. so, i take out the trash, which reaks like hot open the doors, and attempt to breathe. well, ryan and i think that the problem is solved. little do we know, the foul odor is not over. appearently today, ryan opened up the closet where the garbage is located and he was over taken by the same foul smell. both times, nothing that could possibly make that smell was thrown away...unless ryan's been playing in the sewer and bringing back treats and not letting me know. so, he cleaned out the bin with bleach and such. hopefully this is the end of the haunting bad smell saga.

moving on...

i've said it before, and i guess i'll have to state it again...and again...and again...until thoughts become reality. i want to fall in love again. i think i'm done being single for a while. is love real? i think so. i've known two guys who i would say i was in love with. the happy i-can't-believe-this-is-my-life kind of feeling. those moments where you know if they lasted, that they would not be real, and instead a dream. maybe i'm just thinking all of this because it's getting cold out and i'd like to be happy and curled up next to someone in bed. happy and warm and not ever wanting to get out of bed. good music playing. inscense smoke floating through the room. no work. nothing to do. no where to go. am i the only one who can have a great time doing absolutely nothing? i hope not.

well, it's 4 in the morning and i have to work tomorrow.

the end. for now at least...

"she can't tell me that all of the love songs have been written, 'cause she's never been in love with you before. your skin smells lovely like sandalwood. your hair falls soft like animals. i'm tryin' to keep cool, but everyone likes you. i want to kiss the back of your neck, the top of your spine where your hair hits, and gnaw on your fingertips and fall asleep, i'll talk you to sleep. but i'll be the one, i will have chosen. i'm tryin' to keep cool, but everyone here likes you. i'm not the only one. your skin smells lovely like sandalwood. your hair falls softly like animals, and nothing else matters to me. she can't tell me that all of the love songs have been written, 'cause she's never been in love with you before. your hand, so hot, burns a hold in my hand. i wanted to show you." -lisa lobe



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