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30-10-2002 - 01:47

today i cleaned. other than that, i really didn't do much. oh well.

ryan told me today that we've been invited to april's halloween party. also that shaun will be there and he's seeing someone else. i won't mind being at a party with shaun there, but i think that i will find it a bit sad. i doubt he will speak to me if i see him there. it's weird. i just think that it's a shame to hang out with someone and get along with them for as long of a time as i was with shaun, and then not even hang out as friends afterwards. oh well, maybe he will get over what ever it was that made him stop talking to me and we can do stuff in the future.

well, ryan and i have decided that we are going on holiday in the beginning of december. i have 4 days off, and ryan is going to get them off, and we may go to new york. much fun will be had.

i still haven't seen spiderman. all i really want in life right now is for a hot single guy to take me out and see the spiderman in a theatre. (and yes, it is still in some theatres out here.)

i went grocery shopping tonight. went to meijers at 11:30pm. more insite on how odd i am...i love grocery shopping. most girls love shopping. i only really like grocery shopping and book shopping.

i have decided that i have an almost perfect life right now. i am missing tons of cash and a hot boyfriend, but i'd just settle for the hot boyfriend.

i'm getting a bit dissapointed with the going to sleep by myself every night (with an exception of two lately.)

i don't know if it's the cold weather or being single for so long, or what...but, i need a change with the single status.

i can't say that i like or dislike his music, but i do have to say that i am in love with the chorus of this song. life is too short to wait for second chances to appear...if they are going to appear at all. so, i am taking my life into my own hands and taking action. i am not going to just sit back and wait for things to happen. more info to follow in the future.

"you better lose yourself in the music, the want it, you better never let it go. you only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow this opportunity comes once in a lifetime..." -eminem



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