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04-11-2002 - 03:33

saw a red wings game tonight. i loved it. i'm not really much on watching sports on television. but, i do like watching some live.

i was supposed to work today, but i took it off for the game. now i have work tomorrow (actually today)...then i have 2 days off. then i have an 8 day stretch. grrr....8 days of work at the hospital tends to drag on forever. oh well. then i'll have fridays and saturdays off again.

i have also decided something. i have decided that i shall actively pursue some sort of dating situation with matt. who knows if anything will work out, far, every guy i've ever decided that i would like to date (aside from famous people who i have never met), i've ended up dating. usually it takes a month or so, but it did take a year with kyle. backstory: at college, there was a guy that i kept seeing in the cafeteria who i thought was really unconventionally good looking. i then ended up talking to him a few times and decided that i was interested and told my friend aimee that i would end up dating him someday. well, after forgetting all about him (for the most part) for the greater part of a year, i ran into him again in the cafe and started talking to him about radiohead. shortly after that, we dated for approximately a semester. so, hopefully my luck in catching a guys interest will keep up. and...hopefully i'll finally get out of my dating the mentally and/or emotionally unstable streak.

little chunks of random.

movie: dogma

character: loki

quote: any moron with a pack of matches can start a fire. raining down sulfer takes a huge level of endurance. mass genocide is the most exhausting activity one can engage to soccer.

bah. it's 3am. i have to work later. bah.

my neighbors across the pond aren't up right now. no worry of them looking in at me through the curtainless windows.

chat's froze up again. but at least i'm getting back in the habit of frequenting chat.

on a side note: jack. i am sending you good luck thoughts...for the rent and such.

as for now...i am once again going to attempt that sleep thing...too bad it will be alone. (especially since my feet are freezing and some extra body heat would likely help that out.)

"i throw some clothes on in the dark. the smell of cold. car seat is freezing. the world is sleeping. i am numb." -ben folds five



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