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05-11-2002 - 02:34

after work today i watched most of the movie con-air. john cusack is in that movie. i still think that he is one of the hottest people alive.

odd fact of the day. i learned that when edward the 1st's, wife died, he erected monuments at every stop her body made on the way to west minister. the monuments were giant crosses. the sections of town with the name cross correspond with where those monuments were. example: kings cross.

one of my new fillings hurts. my tooth is sore. i hope it gets better.


not much to say tonight. worked today. have two days off. then 8 days straight of work. then i swith back to friday's and saturday's off.

"i'm alone sitting with my empty glass. my four walls follow me through my past. i was on a paris train. i emerged in london rain...i remember the night we walked along the seine. riding on the metro..."-system of a down



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