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07-11-2002 - 02:02

ah. in the morning i start my eight day work week. least then i will have good days off.

i probably won't keep up on the entries much for the next week or so.

put oil in my car today. i also talked to my roommate today. he said that he's never had to add oil to either of his vehicles. is this odd? i've always checked the oil levels in my car and added as needed. most people i know of have done the same as well. i just thought it was weird that he's never had to add oil. maybe because he's had newer cars.

i still haven't changed the belts in my car. i intended to do so on my days off, but the weather was ookie and i don't have a garage or anything to do it in. i will get to it soon though.

i haven't heard from matt lately. but then again, i haven't been at work at the same times as him. i haven't called him and he hasn't called me. i don't know if i should give up for now and move on, or if i should call him. i did see him last friday after april's party...and he did think that i was planning on staying the night at his place, but i had work the next day and i didn't have my uniform. i haven't seen or talked to him since. so, i'm not really sure what to do...if anything.

i can't find my black carhart (is that spelled correctly?) cap anywhere. i'm a bit dissapointed too...especially since it's getting cold again. i wore it to and from work a few weeks ago, but i can't remember where i put it when i got home. i looked all over for it too, but still haven't been able to locate it.

hmmm...not much to say tonight.

my sister's court date, which was supposed to be tomorrow, was postponed again. she's got a shody lawyer. he's one of my parent's friends, but he's not doing a very good job. he doesn't even keep her informed of what's going on and why. i've had one criminal law class in my entire life, and i've been telling her what's going on. grrrr...

it's also odd that i now feel like i'm on equal ground with my sister. i've always felt as if i were not what my parent's wanted in a child, but now that my sister has the dui, the multiple tattoos, weird piercings, and is no longer engaged, it's kind of interesting. my parent's have kind of let up on me. they don't complain about my job anymore (especially since i've gotten the raise). they haven't mentioned my lack of recent dating. they've not mentioned a thing about me not wanting to get married and have tons of kids. my father even essentially told me on the phone today that he is impressed with the fact that i am doing well in life. (he never really says anything straight out like that, but it was insinuated.) i may not be exactly where i want to be in life, but i have a plan...ambition...and i know that everything will work out. and, where i'm at now isn't all that bad. i love how things are right now, and it's a good starting point.

i wonder what i'm going to do for the new year. i started this dland thing around this time last year.


"we only come out at night. the days are much to bright. we only come out at night. and once again. you'll pretend to know me well, my friends. and once again. i'll pretend to know the way. thru the empty space. thru the secret places of the heart..." -smashing pumpkins



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