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11-11-2002 - 02:34

ok. last night ryan and i went to marcus's party in ann arbor. much fun was had. i drove. there was tons of rain. we get there and the following things happened:

morrissey guy hit on ryan and at one point in the night, showed ryan his nipple.

i drank beer out of a rubber glove that adam was holding with a random guy named chris.

i met umbrella guy, who is a really cute guy who plays guitar in a band and works at a really really expensive resturant.

much dancing.

jungle juice.

drunken marcus falling down the stairs.

possibly making matt jealous (unintenionally) when umbrella guy walked me to my car (because it was parked a few blocks down and it was raining) and well, he had an umbrella.

there was more, but my mind's not working well. i'm in the middle of an 8 day work week, and i've spent the last two nights out really really late.

only four more days until my days off. i'm already going insane. i'm out off good food.

other news:

i still can't tell if matt is really interested. i give him exactly one more week. then i'll confront him, and if there is no interest, then so be it.

"for nothing at all, i know there's a million reasons why i shouldn't call. with nothing to say, could easily make this conversation last all day." -simple plan



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