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04-12-2002 - 04:04

it's cold out. no more snow...just bad other drivers. people driving around like they've not lived anywhere where you might have ever driven in snow before.

that andrew guy didn't call. oh well. what annoys me (only slightly) is that adam called and left a message for me to call him when i got home. i did so and got his voice mail. grrr...i hate leaving messages for people.

hmmm....i'm indoors and my hands and feet are freezing. maybe i'll warm up in the shower.

what else is going on in the life of jim? well, my mother is attempting to set me up with my friend andy. work is going well. i'm getting another raise. i'm still single. i have my 4 day weekend coming up. aimee's graduating soon. i still have to get her a graduation gift. maybe she can motivate me to go to grad school.

not much else to say. i'm working on doing things with my life. i've escaped brooklyn. who knows what can happen now.

"i, i-i-i-i-i, you hurt me to my soul, oh-oh-oh-oh, you hurt me to my soul, oh-oh-oh-oh-whoa, darlin', please don't go. when i read the letter you sent me, it made me mad, mad, mad. when i read the news that it brought me, it made me sad, sad, sad. but i still love you so, and i can't let you go. i love you, ooh, baby i love you..." -led zeppelin



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