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09-12-2002 - 03:45

ok. so, i've had an interesting couple of days/nights. to start off, friday night, ryan went to meet up with jay and jason at the necto. i declined since every time we all go, jay and jason have issues and things get weird and sometimes boring. (not that any of them are boring, but when you can't all go out on the dance floor because half of the group is attempting to resolve issues, things can get a bit boring.)

well, adam called me shortly after ryan had left. said that he'd like to stop by enroute from ypsi (hanging out with matt) to his residence in west bloomfield. so, during this time, i had been drinking much wine while cleaning. (not really realizing the quantity nor in what time frame). well, adam comes over and brings more beverages. (none that i ended up partaking in). talking leads to watching a movie. watching a movie leads to making out. making out leads to adam staying the night. (and to make things perfectly clear, clothing did remain on the entire night.) so, that was definitly interesting. and, i must say that i did like the whole curling up next to someone at night thing.

well, the next day/night was ever so much more interesting. first, i end up going to aimee's graduation party. (she was on the 5 year college plan, and does plan on going to grad school.) well, at aimee's party, andy stops in. well, i tell andy that he should come over and hang out with ryan and myself after aimee's. he agreed. the three of us end up going to a pub called the library. interesting. fun. live band. well, after that, we head back to our apartment. the three of us end up sitting around talking, drinking, and taking photos. well, at some point, ryan and andy decide that they will take off their shirts if i take off mine. well, needless to say, we all end up in our underwear. ryan in boxers and a t-shirt, andy in boxer briefs, and myself in a bra, underwear (but with boxers over them) and my knee-high boots (that i was already wearing at the pub). then the game is invented of pass the candy. the three of us sitting in a circle (kinda of) and passing candy from one person to the next via our teeth. (much like the suck and blow game that some people play by passing a credit card or id card.) so, this is all very odd. i've known both ryan and andy forever. and what's even more strange is that ryan is gay, andy is straight (but hasn't dated in 2.5 years), and well...i'm straight. so, it was an interesting mix. also...a roll and a half of photos were taken during the course of the night. so, no one ended up completely without clothing. everything was pg13 rated. but it was all odd none the less. the night (morning) finally ended with the three of us falling asleep on the futon (in the order of andy being in the middle). so, what's really odd about all of this is that andy and i have slept in the same bed before (just as friends) many times before. so, it was weird waking up curled up next to him with his arm over me.

now, i am back to my normal happenings schedule. drinking tea and watching a movie (indiana jones) while being plagued by insomnia. i kind of wonder if the past two days have been a dream, or if real...if they are some sort of odd, twisted (but fun and interesting) sign of things to come.

other than that, i find myself oddly attracted to harrison ford in the indiana jones movies, and brendan what's his name in the mummy movies. i wonder if that a general attraction to the action-adventure type guys, or just a coincidence.

"i know it. it's a shame. a shame i can't show it. and i see it. i can see it now, but i'm so far below it...i can feel you, yes i can. what about that don't you understand? i sense you, it's something sensual...but it's less than i planned. don't wanna...don't wanna talk about it. i say why not?'re trying to find a reason for the way you feel tonight. your mind is lined with layers of lead. have you heard one thing that i've said?" -stroke 9



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