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19-12-2002 - 02:57

ok. so i've not kept up with things for a bit. here's the update.

my sister has been sentenced for her driving while impaired charge. she must take a breathalizer everyday for 10 months, and take a drug test every week for 10 months. and how did she get this harsh of a sentence? well, first she lied to the judge about using drugs. appearently she smokes pot 3 to 4 times a week. she told the judge that she didn't until he told her that she was going to have to take a drug test. then she changed her answer. so, all of this and her counseling is going to cost a lot. my parent's estimate about $500 a month not counting her counseling. since my sister has no job, my parent's will be paying for this. i have offered to lend them some money if they need it, and they very well may. the sad thing is that my sister doesn't seem to have learned from anything. after getting arrested, it would make sense to stop things like smoking pot...even if only before her sentencing. (also being that i told her that they would make her submit to a drug test before she started her probation.) she doesn't seem to be taking any of this seriously. if she does not perfectly carry out her probation requirements, she will go to jail. i just can't believe that someone would smoke pot 4 times in the week before taking a drug test. i can't believe that someone would lie to a judge over something that the said drug test would make evident anyways. if she goes to jail, she won't be able to go to class. she will then not graduate. if the guys at her apartment have any drugs or alcohol on the random searches of her apartment, my sister will have violated her probation. if my sister accidently sleeps in one day and doesn't make it to a police department by 9am for her breathalizer (yes, 9am) she will have violated her probation. she can't drive for 90 days, so someone is going to have to go out of their way every day to get her to a police department by 9am. if she leaves the state for anything including spring break, she will have violated her probation. she can't get a job since she can't drive anywhere. she will have to find someone to drive her to class. i think that she's going to keep driving with her license suspended. this would also violate her probation. if she violates her probation...she goes to jail. my parent's are also going to keep bailing her out of trouble and playing it all down. she will never learn. and she is going to ruin her life. she made a mistake. anyone can do that. but instead of learning from it, she seems to keep messing up and she doesn't seem to realize that she is not the only one affected by all of this. my parent's already pay for her living expenses and her cars and cars insurances. now they have to pay for drug and alcohol counseling, breathalizers, drug tests, bus fare, and who knows what else.

other than all of this, appearently i have 3 guys interested in me...but not so much the one that i'm interested in. i'm not really sure if i'm interested in him because of him, or because of the fact that i've never not been able to "get" the guy i want. this may sound egotistical, and it is, but i've just always had luck in that particular aspect of dating.

i have also bought a 1 gallon fish tank (for $10) and 5 neon tetras. i think i need 2 more. 7 sounds like a good number. but, i think i need to get them some different fish food. i think it's turning the water pinkish.

not much else to say. still have x-mas shopping to do. yeah....

"and i'm not really sure why i let you win or even why i let it begin. i've always been an easy in and easy out the door again. and i know it's only because you're down that you'd ever want to come around. just a little secret in a little town. you had me but it's over now. you'll get my attention again somehow." -local h



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