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24-01-2003 - 03:23

so...i've been away for a while. mouse is brooken...having some difficulties computing.

well, what's been going on. i'm not even really sure where i left off...

my sister missed one of her breathalizer tests. she violated her probation. now she's going to lie to her probation officer about it. there's a decent chance that she's going to go to jail. i feel bad for my parents...they're paying for her expensive counceling, and all of her tests. my sister also has no money. and no job. she can't really get one with classes, aa meetings 3 times a week, counceling, and all of her tests. so, my parent's have to pay for it all...

my grandmother is having tests this week...her cancer may have come back.

i was hanging out with joe for a while there, but he's going back out of state.

i may or may not hang out with matt this weekend. (thought i was on my 8 day stretch, but i was wrong...guess i'm just anxious to get off of my tues/wed off days schedule.)

hmmmm...things i've missed...

sabastian had a party this past weekend. ryan and i went. saw matt and marcus there. much fun was had.

i finally went to the doctors. had everything done. blood tests (and a messed up blood draw...appearently i have rolling veins). i was there for almost 2 hours. bah.

i bought some chinese fortune sticks...entertaining...and usefull for someone as indecisive as myself.

i really want to travel. i'm looking into going somewhere out of country in perhaps march. now all i need is to find someone to go with me. an interesting adventure...

i still need to find someone to see the lord of the rings movie with. grrrr....i'm half tempted to go out and see it with the guy who works with my mother that she's trying to set me up with.

"once again i see the sunshine, yeah...and i wipe the sleep out of my eyes. well, i wake up to find the world has not stopped turning...and i, and i am gonna be alright." -bowling for soup



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