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05-02-2003 - 02:33

only two more days of work until my off days!

catching things up...and perhaps repeating a bit...

saturday: marcus's party. met up with sabastan at his place. waited for some others to show up. went to marcus's. much fun was had.

sunday: work...and nothing else that i recall.

monday: after work, adam came over. we went to the library pub. drank a bit. drove back to my place in the rain (and his wipers not working properly). talked about the cruise he's going on with his grandmother. watched two audrey hepburn movies. fell asleep after ryan left for work. (side note: adam is not someone i'm interested in dating, but he's fun to hang out with.) plans are vaguely made to hang out on thursday night.

tuesday: at work, i meet steve. steve is a chief (is that spelled correctly?). he was catering a meeting at one of the buildings i was walking through. he caters the meetings that are held evey month there. i'm given yummy gourmet treats to eat, and we chat a bit. i get a call to another area, so i have to leave. he tells me i should stop by next month...and if i can, i will. he can cook really really well, and i can't wait till next month, if i see him and get to try something else. (i had some sort of tart, and a chocolate moose dessert with strawberries that was inside a cup made of chocolate. mmmmm....)

our conversation started:

"i'm not hitting on you, but i was wondering how old you were?"

"how old do you think i am?"









" old are you?"


then we chatted about our of his parents are german, but he only knows a few words of it.) he's been a cook for 4 years at the same catering place on michigan ave in ypsi. he had made a new dish today for the meeting...but i don't recall what he decided to name it...but it sounded good. all and all, an interesting person to meet.

hmmm...things i've missed...

the other day i had my thumb slammed in a door by a well-meaning staff member. i couldn't bend it for two days. there's a small cut, and a gouge in my thumb. it keeps bleeding still. (and it still hurts...grrrr.)

i need to talk to ryan tomorrow. i'm thinking of having an anime party/gathering at our place one of these weekends.

i also received my test results back from my doctor. everything was normal...but, i was told that my sugar levels were in the low part of the normal range...especially since i had eatten quite a bit before the blood draw. plah.

well, one new revelation for me. i think that i'm slightly interested in a guy that i've talked to, but don't really know. i also think that i'm trying not to admit that i have interest in him...and i'd go as far as to say that i don't want to be interested in him. so, i guess i'll just have to talk to him more, and possibly hang out with him and see.

i'm thinking that perhaps i'll invite my grandparents over for dinner or lunch or something on one of my off days. hmmmm...

neither good nor bad...valentine's day is coming up. i've never done anything fun for v-day. the most i've ever done was a few years into a car accident...injured...taken to hospital...came home, and was dumped by will, the guy i was dating at the time. (who later tried to take back the breaking up...eventually became stalker like...and then apathetic)

"days swiftly come and go. i'm dreaming of her. she's seeing other guys. emotions they stir. the sun is gone. the nights are long...and i am left while the tears fall. did you think that i would cry, on the phone? do you know what it feels like, being alone? i'll find someone new. swing, swing, swing from the tangles heart is crushed by a former love. can you help me find a way to carry on again. wish cast into the sky. i'm moving on. sweet beginnings do arise. she knows i was wrong. the notes are old, they bend, they fold and so do i to a new love. bury me (you thought your problems were gone) carry me (away, away, away)" -all american rejects



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