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12-02-2003 - 01:44

it's beautiful outside tonight. dangerously beautiful. it stopped snowing quite some time ago, but there's 30 mph winds outside. the snow is drifting upwards. spiraling. twisting. i wish i could capture it on film. it's so strangely hypnotic to watch snow "fall" upwards. it's like gravity forgot to work on the snow.

there's white outs everywhere. cars just blowing off the road. i passed a 6 car accident on my way home tonight.

not much to say tonight. drinking tea and eatting chocolates.

"what do you want from me now you got me. now my fingers bleed now they're staring at me. i'm coward now, i hold my peace. now you tie me up to you feather bed. and i twist and turn in a chinese burn. you won't let go, you won't let go. you're inside my head. what do you want from me now you got me. now my energy you suck from me. and i'm holding on for dear life. quit smothering me, quit laughing at me. i've got a disease, an english disease. it won't let go, it won't let go. you're inside my head. what ever you put in that syringe. whatever you really fed to him. he's sitting there inside of me. and you bother me, you possess me. you're there again, ahead of me. and i won't let go, i won't let go. you're inside my head." -radiohead



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