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05-03-2003 - 04:23

if today was a play:

the cast:

ryan - my friend and roommate. funny and smart. gay (and happy sometimes). with our powers combined we can rule the world.

troy - co-worker. whitty and charming. endless supply of parent of a young child stories.

sabastan - valet at the hospital. has a girlfriend that he doesn't get along with.

brian - valet at the hospital. someone that i'd be interested in if he were even slightly interested in me.

erik - guy i met a del rio's this past weekend.

discover card guy - telemarketer.

futile's doppleganger - paramedic who looks like futile.

she whom shalt not me named - my evil supervisor.

act one:

(setting is my bedroom. i'm lying on a futon mattress on the floor that is my bed. lots of blankets. bandana folded up and covering my eyes to help keep out the daylight. )

i wake up to the phone ringing. usually this does not wake me up. but, for some reason this did. i pick up the phone and say something to the effect of hello. no sound. after what seemed like minutes, but was only seconds, i realize i've picked the phone up upside down. hence no sound. i turn it over and discover that it's a telemarketer. "hello, is ryan ____ there?" "no. can i take a message?" "is there an authorized user of ryan ______'s discover card?" (i think it was discover...i was mostly asleep still) "" "are you an authorized user of ryan _____'s discover card?" "last time i" "do you have a discover card?" "" (i do have one, but...yeah.) "blah blah blah blah?" "ummm...i'm not really sure what you just said. i was sleeping when you called. this is not a good time." "blah. blah blah blah blah. blah?" "ummm..i'm going back to sleep. thank you for calling, and thank you for your interest in my credit life. good night." *click*. granted...this occured sometime around 10am-ish. i slept in till noon. woke up. turned my television on. and laid in bed for another 20 min.

act two:

(setting is my place of work. where i'm...working.)

i start work at 2pm. sometime around 4pm. sabastan and brian show up to start their shift as valets for the hospital. sabastan states that he's looking around for potential replacements of his current girlfriend. explains that he's break up with her, but he's worried she'd hurt herself. he's tried to break up with her before, but appearently it's not worked. brian gave him some guy advice. my advice to him was to spend some time apart from her and then decide what he wanted to do. (they've not spent more than a few days apart since they started dating about a year ago.) and, all i know about brian is that he went on a date this past weekend with a girl from out of state who's back visiting. i'm not sure if i'm interested in him, but i am interested in hanging out with him. he seems like he'd be fun to hang out with, and that he'd have fun and interesting friends. and, as i stated earlier...i'd probably like him if he even remotely was interested in me.

while chatting with sabastan and brian, futile's doppleganger walked by. he's an hva paramedic. looks just like futile. weird. made me wonder if there's anyone out there that looks like me.

later in the day while still at work, troy was telling me that his sister-in-law got his kid a firetruck that makes really really loud noises. note to self: never buy someone else's child something that makes loud/annoying noises unless approved by said child's parents.

act three: the finale

(my bedroom)

now i'm sitting here online. chatting. i'm trying to decide where erik and i should meet up. i mean...where do you go to talk to someone you don't know and only know because you exchanged numbers last second whilst leaving the bar? and, ryan came home late from the concert he went to today. i hope it all went well. so, now i'm wanting to travel. wanting life to happen. today sabastan told me that i seem like a negative/unhappy person. i've always thought i was the opposite. troy said that he thought i was the happier and generally in a good mood type person. i kind of wonder if i put off an accurate vibe.

anyways. randomness. i've read joe's emails and such. he even mentioned hanging out when he comes to visit. and, i'd love to hang out with him, but dating is out of the question. he already had 2 chances and missed them. and, i guess that sounds harsh or mean or something, but it's the truth. right now i'm watching serendipity. i watched high fidelity last night. drinking tea. using my new dvd player. burnt my tongue today on some food. tired but can't sleep. neck hurts. it's snowing. my room is really warm. perhaps too warm. i am in need of another wine rack. i should check ebay. i am alive. i am immortal. things are going as good as they can right now.

"it's a new day, but it all feels old. it's a good life, that's what i'm told. but everything, it all just feels the same..." -good charlotte



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