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06-03-2003 - 04:24


i talked to sabastan today, and i've convinced him that he needs to get out more. if he spends at least a little time away from his girlfriend, then perhaps he'll have a better perspective on his dating life.

after making plans to go out to the bar with sabastan and whom ever else we can get to come with us, erik called. shortly after i got home. he asked if my schedule would permit for me to go out with him tomorrow night (technically tonight as it is after midnight). i told him that i already had plans, but that if he wanted to join us, he should. so, since sabastan doesn't get out of work till midnight, and i get out at 10pm, i'm going to meet up with erik at 10:30 at ashley's pub. (mostly 'cause i know where it's at and where parking is for it.) then, sabastan and whom ever else will meet us a little after midnight. he says that he'll try to get there early, and i should just look for him at the bar. said "look for the guy in glasses". hmmmm....

anyways...this will be interesting. i've never gone out for drinks or anything with a total stranger that i'd met in a bar. i tend to only meet people through other people. hmmm....

right now i'm drinking tea and watching say anything. i'm on a john cusack binge. he's amazingly attractive. i also love how in this movie he's wearing my favorite clash shirt.

so, i have to figure out what i'm going to wear tomorrow. i want to look decent, and not too weird. i have a habit of dressing abnormal. people tend to like the way i dress, but i don't want to scare off this guy before i actually get to know him.

"the meanings tend to give out. the time was gone to act out. but here i am and i'm still living. no talking when i want you to listen. no talking 'cos it's living torture, living torture. no talking when i want you to listen. don't tell me what i'm trying to say to you. both of us know what it sounds like in my mind. now both of us know what it sounds like. both of us know what it sounds like in my mind. now both of us know. now both of us know..." -finger eleven



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