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07-03-2003 - 04:14

mmmm...back from an interesting night of drinking after work.

i met up with erik at ashley's pub tonight. he's quite interesting and not scared off by my odd questions. we don't really listen to the same music, and he drives his parents caravan, but he seems fun, interesting, and he's cute. brown hair. knit cap. small framed (almost like mini-buddy holly) glasses. dark eyes. tall. thin. he doesn't wear a watch. drinks scotch. i hope i didn't scare him off. (as i tend to do..guess i'm intimidating or something.)

anyways...matt met up with us. sabastan was going to come, but he lost his id. and, the whole going out and drinking thing was supposed to be to get him out for once.

anyways. cory was working. it's kind of funny 'cause he usually doesn't work thursdays.

erik ended up leaving around 1am since he has to work early. so, matt and i split another drink that tasted like a peach fruit roll-up but in beer form. then i went to his place for coffee. and then headed home.

i am currently watching some movie on bravo. it's in chinese with english subtitles.

hmmm...i'm wondering if i should call erik tomorrow and see if he made it to work on time. i'm amazed at someone who can go around without a watch. i have such poor sense of time with one on that i can't even imagine what it would be like without one.

"how can you see into my eyes like open doors? leading you down into my core where i've become so numb. without a soul my spirit's sleeping somewhere cold. until you find it there and lead it back home. wake me up. wake me up inside. i can't wake up. wake me up inside. save me. call my name and same me from the dark. wake me up. bid my blood to run. i can't wake up. before i come undone. save me. save me from the nothing i've become. now that i know what i'm without, you can't just leave me. breathe into me and make me real. bring me to life...bring me to life. i've been living a lie. there's nothing inside. bring me to life. frozen inside without your touch, without your love, darling. only you are the life among the dead. all of this sight. i can't believe i couldn't see. kept in the dark, but you were there in front of me. i've been sleeping a 1000 years it seems. i've got to open my eyes to everything. without a thought. without a voice. without a soul. don't let me die here. there much be something wrong. bring me to life...bring me to life. i've been living a lie. there's nothing inside. bring me to life." -evanescence



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