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10-03-2003 - 01:57

wine of the night: pinot gris

feeling of the night: fighting off oncoming illness

well. last night, ryan and i went out to a club and met up with sarah. the club was called boogie something-or-other (lounge perhaps?) when we got there they were playing disco. we were frightened at first thinking that it would not be as fun as we had hoped. but then they started playing good 80's music. music. drinks. dancing. much fun was had. then ryan and i went to denny's and not only did they make my sandwich the way i wanted it (they usually don't) but they also had vinegar.

then, today i met up with power whom i've not seen since college. we had coffee in west bloomfield. next time he's going to bring his photos from his semester in russia.

so. erik. i've not heard from him since thursday night.

a. he's not interested in hanging out with me.

b. he's not interested in dating me, but would be interested in hanging out.

c. he's waiting for me to call him thinking that i wasn't interested in him.

d. he's waiting for me to call him/waiting to call me because he is interested, but doesn't want to see too interested.

i wish he'd call, and i'm not sure if i should call him. hmmmm.....

still fighting off oncoming illness. raspy voice. slight cough. feel a bit like i'm breathing under water.

my plans for tomorrow...i need to go to ann arbor. visit the thrift shop, and a few other places on state street. i also want to stop at the gallery and see their zen art collection. i may or may not do that tomorrow. i'm not really sure if i want to go by myself. other then that, i'll likely stop by my grandparents, and maybe go grocery shopping. oh...and cash my check.

it's not even 2am and i'm thinking of going to bed soon. blah.

one good thing is that i've jump-started my life back into motion. i'm doing things and soon i'll be going places. patience. but not too much.

"whatever poisons in this bottle will leave me broken sore and stiff. when it's the genie at the bottom who i'm sucking at, he owes me one last wish..." -brand new



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