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07-04-2003 - 03:31

on a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

i watched fight club with nick this morning before i went to bed. i'm watching it again. good movie. great lines.

so, last night, i couldn't get online. some of the phone lines in the area were down, so my dial-up connection just wasn't happening.

i've been looking at cars online. kind of thinking of getting an old mustang. 65-71-ish. manual trans. either black or red.

really random tonight. lack of sleep or something.

so, last night was daylight savings. yeah. not a big fan of skipping ahead an hour. anyways, nick, don, and jason came over for a bit last night. nick brought champagne (he's been telling me for the past couple of days that he had a surprise for me). i was was even chilled upon arrival. well, nick and i stayed up way past dawn watching fight club. we eventually went to sleep, and it was so amazingly hard to get out of bed this morning. when you wake up with someones arms around you under tons of blankets, it's really hard to be motivated enough to get out of bed and go to work. at least nick kept waking me up and asking if i was planning on going to work...or, i'd have never gone.

and, the night before, everyone celebrated jay's birthday. we went out to the "necto". i had fun, even though the downstairs part that plays the better music was hotter than hell. litterally. blazing inferno. and then upstairs they had tons and tons of the fake smog stuff. but, i got to hang out with ryan and jay together, which hasn't happened for some time.

well, i have one more day of work till my leave days. tues/wed. yeah...lots of fun there. no plans for those days, except for visiting my grandparents on one of the days. maybe i'll take them out to the sushi place for lunch.

great line: "you met me at a very strange time in my life."

"i'd like to stay, but every day everything pushes me further away..." -nin



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