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20-04-2003 - 04:40

i would love for nothing more than to live happily ever after in a house with my own vinyard in france. i watched the movie french kiss on amc tonight. i love that movie...and i'm not the biggest fan of romantic comedies.

i'm still on my eight day work week. running out of energy. and, today is christina's birthday.

i'm also planning on traveling soon. end of may. i know i keep saying that i'm going to travel, but it never seems to work out. if plans don't work out, then i'm driving where ever i can get to in less than a day's drive. i'd like to travel with someone, but i'll travel alone if i have to. i'll sleep in my car if i have to. but, i'm going somewhere.

insanity. insanity is drinking wine and eatting cadbury eggs before bed. i like insanity.

other than that...

i'm thinking of fixing up my car. i plan on tearing out the headlining and replacing it with some fuzzy black material. perhaps i'll do that on my days off. after that, i plan on toutching up the black trim. maybe adjusting the wiper motor and finally get around to fixing my headlight flippy part. i also need to clean it out. there's still papers everywhere filling up the trunk.

i am a bit annoyed by phones right now. i'm not able to call either christina's mobile phone or nick's. i'm not sure why. i've tried calling both with my phone card and with my friend's mobile phones, and with the phone at work...but, to no avail. luckily i was able to reach chris at her apt phone and wish her a happy birthday, but i've not been able to reach nick. but, i would like it noted that i tried calling him. he keeps telling me that he wishes i'd call him more, and that he doesn't care when i call or if i wake him up or not, but i can't even get through. the odd thing is that i was able to get through to nick's mobile last week with no problems. i'm not sure why not just one, but two phones would freak out at the same time. grrrr...

i do so want to fall asleep and have amazing dreams and feel rested. i want to sleep like when i'm with nick, but with out him since he's not around much. there's nothing like the sleep you get when you're sleeping with someone. i can get half the sleep i normally get and feel great. my dreams are normal and all is well. i can actually fall asleep then too. when i'm alone, i can never seem to be at the right temperature. my strange dreams plague my sleep. i have chronic insomnia and have the most difficult time trying to wake up and get out of bed. ah. i miss good sleep.


"la mer. qu'on voit danser le long des golfes clairs. a des reflets d'argent. la mer. des reflets changeants. sous la pluie. la mer au ciel d'ete confond. ses blancs moutons. avec les anges si purs. la mer bergere d'azur. infinie. voyez. pres des etangs. ces grands roseaux mouilles. voyez. ces oiseaux blancs. et ces maisons rouillees. la mer. les a berces. le long des golfes clairs. et d'une chanson d'amour. la mer. a berce mon coeur pour la vie." -as sung by kevin kline



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