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28-06-2003 - 05:22

so. mike and beckie are now husband and wife.

some interesting things. there was an open bar at the reception. and...i forgot my drivers license. i left it tucked into my bullet proof vest. so, i drank "illegally" (possibly spelled wrong) tonight. it was like a high school situation.

i'm also going to ramble more than usual as i've had a decent amount to drink tonight. that and little food.

i took today off as a vacation day. so, last night, instead of sleeping, i decided to stay up and watch some of the new anime i bought. i watched "voices of a distant star". i think that it was one of the most depressingly beautiful movies i've ever seen. i'm surprised i bought it. i'm more surprised i liked it. "a love story that transcends time and space..." not usually the type of movie i'd watch, let alone like.

then, today...the reception.

ryan and i arrived in the reception area quite early, so we stopped at an outdoor flower sale across the street and i ended up buying something. too bad they didn't have any peach flowers that were cheap. oh well. anyways...ryan was my "date" for the night. things were interesting and fun. much dancing ensued. my feet still are not happy about having to wear high heeled shoes all day/night.

the odd thing is that when we arrived, i mentioned to sarah and ryan that i had noticed a guy with black spikey hair. ended up being a guy sitting at our table. rodney. aka...rod. (same name as on my bowling ball i bought from a garage sale a few years back). interesting. cute. older than me. from new york.

i also gave him the site of my dland entries. i somehow doubt he'll read any of this though. anyways. much like junior high, at the end of the reception, we exchanged email addresses. then a bunch of us decided to go and hang out at austin's house. drinking. music. odd conversations. talk about picking people up with the line of having air conditioning. (i think i'm going to have to try that...but i think most people out here have ac.)

after a while, we took off. ryan had to drive rod/rodney "home". (a skeezy hotel not far from austins). and, once again like junior high, i was sitting in the back with ryan and rod/rodney in front. i believe there was a point where i was messing with his hair and somehow that resulted in holding hands. holding hands and listening to the violent femmes. very junior high-ish. then after we got to the hotel to drop rod/rodney off, when switching from the back to the front seat, i felt compelled to kiss him. just one of those "i'll likely never see you again and i'd hate to regret not kissing you" kind of things. little clips of happiness that i miss...when you kiss someone and pull away to leave and then they pull you back in for just a moment more of human contact. and, much like a junior high school girl, i'm "reporting" this all in my dland entry.

oh. i almost forgot. details. spikey black hair. dark eyes. tattoos and two piercings. not much taller than me. reads neil gaimon. likes the smiths and a bunch of "old" punk bands. lives in ny. friends with dan (who everyone for some odd reason thought had a thing for me a while back when he lived in ny.) older than me, but looks only 25.

i doubt i'll hear from him again. i even doubt that he will recall who i am when he is sober. but, it was an interesting encounter.

i really don't want to work in the morning/afternoon. only three more days until my days off.

i felt odd tonight wearing "normal" earrings. i kept starting to play with the ball on my hoop earrings and then realized that i wasn't wearing them.

other randomness. i finally put new headliner fabric on the ceiling of my car. fuzzy black material. not a good job, but not a bad job. i also have to change the front brake pads on my car soon. already bought them. just haven't gotten around to changing them.

i'm tired, but insomnia won't let sleep take over. maybe some green tea or something. maybe i'll just lay down with some jeff buckley on and see if i can sleep.

it's cold in here. too much a.c. not enough heat. or not enough gin and tonic's.

i'm also wondering how wrong it is for me to relate better to animated movies/characters than live action movies/characters. i've always had off and on dreams in anime mode. they've been occurring more frequently lately.

i think i'm going to try to sleep now. try something. nothing on television. yeah...

"i need someone, a person to talk to, someone who'd care, to love, could it be you? could it be you? situation gets rough, then i start to panic, it's not enough, it's just a habit. hey kid you're sick. well darling, this is it..." -violent femmes



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