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02-07-2003 - 04:23

i was at the bar tonight with gordon and one of his friends. it was interesting.

i got along quite well with the bartender there.

anyways, on my way home i was driving and listening to some old ramones songs. when i got out of the car i saw nick's shirt. i decided that i had to call him. i had to get rid of the shirt to finally end things. so, i called him and he oddly enough picked up. said that he's been sick since we last talked. had this on-going cold. told me he'd stop by some time to catch up and get his shirt. told me that a lot of things have been going on with him. what the hell does that mean?

so now i'm in a bad mood. not really bad, just bored and lonely.

i'm sitting here with the cartoon network on. ac on. and the window open. i like "real" air as opposed to ac. and it's actually pretty cool out right now.

so i finally got around to emailing rodney. i doubt he'll email me back. he was an interesting encounter.

anyways. i've turned the ac off for now since i'm freezing. and i've put the kettle on.

grrr...i've got pesch cable and there's nothing on on top of that.

now i've been thinking to much. and i have nothing sussed out.

i'm drinking green tea right now. i'd drink regular tea, but i think green tea is a tad more helpful for the liver and all.

i finally got around to watching the demo of full metal panic from newtype. it's starting to grow on me. i think i might like the manga a tad better though.

well. i guess some ebay. some anime. then off to bed.

"i really want to call you. but i know that it's not right. i probably shouldn't tell you, but i dreamt of you last night. i guess i'm not prepared to say...good by, so long, farewell, i won't be seeing you again. until next time that he goes away. you told me that you loved me. i started tearing down those walls. i really started to trust you, but you set me up to take the fall. i guess i'm not prepared to say...goodbye, so long, farewell, i won't be seeing you again. until next time that he goes away. i guess that i'm wrong for falling in love. but you're still the one, that i'm dreaming of. i guess that it's you i want to hold onto, but you're holding onto someone else." -the ataris



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