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03-07-2003 - 04:41

i've been slacking on my japanese studies.

but, gordon has asked me to start going with him to some of his work gatherings. the incentive is to hang out with real live asian people. he finds it funny that he knows more asian people than i do.

and, gordon completely wussed out on asking his friend out. they both are interested in each other, but nothing will likely become of it.

i'm watching some strange movie right now of a white guy trying to fit into the chinese crimes division in some big city. barely watching it, but i like what i've vaguely seen. there's some decent gun fire scenes.

in other news, rodney hasn't emailed me. i don't think he will. i am dissapointed by that. but, i guess you can't expect someone to make the effort to email you if you met them briefly at a wedding reception.

i'm going to be working on the 4th of july and the whole weekend. i'm not looking forward to it. i'm going to miss all of the fireworks. i really wanted to get pictures of them with my new camera.

and, ryan is going to be out for the weekend. so, i'll be here all alone with a weekend full of work. lots of fun. i guess austin is having a party this saturday. i might go after work, but i'm not sure if i'm going to want to drive. gordon also wants to hang out. and, i'm supposed to change my brake pads and go out drinking with troy and whom ever else from work.

now i'm watching the crow. tbs superstation. i noticed that sarah is wearing a key around her neck. then i had an odd flash. two guys i've met recently have worn keys around their necks. nick and rodney. interesting.

i bought some clothes from the thrift shop today. a 60's style cloak/jacket, and some slips (that i wear as pajamas).

watching the crow makes me think that if i were to ever get married (which i don't plan on). i'd want to get married on halloween.

tons more rambling.

i think that we need to have a costume party sometime soon.

anyways. it's late and i have to get up in about 5 hours...

insomnia. good and bad.

at least the movie's almost over. the crow that is.


"oh don't talk of love...the shadows purr. mrumuring me away from you. don't talk of worlds that never were. the end is all that's ever true. there's nothing you can ever say. nothing you can ever do...still every night i burn. every night i scream your name. every night i burn. every night the dream's the same. every night i burn. waiting for my only friend. every night i burn. waiting for the world to end..." the cure



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