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04-07-2003 - 05:06

appearently the emergency maintenance number for my apartment works well. there's some bloody creature in the walls of my apartment. and this has to happen when ryan is gone for the weekend. a whole weekend with me and the creature in the wall. i guess maintenance is going to crawl into the ceiling panels tomorrow and try to capture it. i currently have all of the lights on in the place.

i'm not enjoying this. bloody gremlins in my wall. can't sleep as it's in my bedroom wall right above my bed.

other than that, i went out with troy, james and vanessa. didn't really like the pub, but it was good company.

sadly i have to work the whole weekend. a weekend of work and a wall creature. i'm having some odd luck lately.

gah. the wall creature...which from this point on will be named gremlin...won't stop moving. gremlin only stops when i hit the ceiling/wall with ryan's swiffer sweeper. i'm sleeping with the lights on tonight. lights on and door open...just in case it breaks in and i have to go running out.

i felt bad having to wake up the maintenance guy, but he was really nice. and it was just good to have someone here if only for a little bit to assure me that the gremlins aren't going to be able to get in. he even checked the dryer duct thingy to make sure it was properly attached and it couldn't come in that way.

gremlin keeps making it's way from the wall to the ceiling...and only in my room area.

i'm hungry. and tired. can't sleep. the gremlin will eat me. can't sleep. the gremlin will eat me.

i am not liking this.

why can't the thing either go to sleep or move to someone else's wall.


"yes, stars fading but i linger on dear. still craving your kiss. i'm longing to linger till dawn dear. just saying this, yes...sweet dreams till sunbeams find you. sweet dreams that leave all worries far behind you. but in your dreams what ever they be, dream a little dream of me. yes, dream a little dream of me." -louis armstrong



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