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11-07-2003 - 02:23


i'm glad today is over.

i left for work an hour and 5 minutes before work and still somehow ended up being one minute and 30 seconds late. i didn't stop anywhere. i just have really bad driving luck.

then i just had a bad day at work.

and to finish it off, i had a pvp report half an hour before i was supposed to leave. with the investigation and having the guy run and such, i ended up not getting out until an hour after i was supposed to.


last night was great but in a bad way. i bought the book american gods by neil gaimon the other day. well, after watching hackers and then mallrats, i decided to start reading. lying in bed with louie armstrong playing on the sterio, just reading. then looking at the clock and realizing that i started reading pretty late/early. well. anyways. i only made it half way through the book when the sun came up. (my reading is much slower lately...only 211 pages in an hour and 50 minutes.) i wonder if it's because i'm not reading as much lately. but sun came up. i eventually went to sleep. my brain hurt. my eyes hurt. and my alarm clock went off for a whole minute before i finally woke up.


yesterday during the evening, my mother came up. we went shopping at the mall. good bonding time. my mother kept trying to give me money. it's weird, but i just couldn't accept it. i have my own money. back in high school and even in college, i would have accepted...and that was only a few years ago. anyways. chinese food was consumed. shopping ensued. i always used to hate shopping with my mother. then i realized why. we always used to go shopping with my sister. shopping with sister=awful time. shopping with out sister=good times for all. interesting.


on my first day off i just cleaned a bit. ran errands. checked on the order status of my book that borders doesn't seem to want me to have. ate at happy sushi with austin. visited my grandparents.

visiting my grandparents was good as always. my grandmother looked really good. she was all out and about and doing tons of garden work. their tomatoes are coming in. and, there's some yummy honeysuckle growing there. my grandmother wouldn't let me leave without some. i currently have it sitting in water in a dish on my window ledge. amazing smell to sleep with.


tonight after my awful day at work, i went grocery shopping. bought a bunch of stuff.

i made chicken tonkatsu with rice tonight. had some oven baked french bread and to finish, some strawberry cheese cake. tasty tasty tasty. i also ate the cheese cake (which was still mostly frozen so i only ate the edges) with a fork. it was the first time in 4 days that i'd not used chopsticks.

the chicken tonkatsu came out great. i also plan on making some miso soup later this week. i was going to make some tonight, but i was just too full.

oh. to add to my bad day at rained for only 5 minutes today. while i was getting my boots out of my car. boots got wet. so, i figured i'd wear my newer boots. (i've been trying to wear them in for a while.) much pain and agony.

play. i am currently exhausted. i plan on reading a bit more tonight...and getting started earlier. it's a bit cold in here. back hurts. neck hurts. but, the stomach is happy. happy and full. mmmmm.....


"when the boat starts to rock. then my ears start to block...all the words that you say. through the night, through the day. where there's muck there is brass and the storm soon will pass. then it's back to the norm. all the cold turns to warm..." -hackers soundtrack



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