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14-07-2003 - 02:34

burnt tongue. tinged leg.

i burnt my tongue on the meso soup i made tonight. home made soup is always soooooo good.

tinged my leg on troy's motorcycle. tonight was my first motorcycle ride ever. now i want one. troy said that the rules are 1. lean into the turns and 2. hold on. lots of fun.

i'm currently watching the made for television movie "prince charming".

i've slacked on reading my neil gaiman book. i've just kind of zoned out at night. not sleeping, but not fully awake. this started a few days ago when i clocked my head on a chair when we were handcuffing a psychotic kid. (teen) my neck has also hurt since then. can you get wiplash from hitting your head on a chair?

i also there really a castle in central park in ny? that can't be true. can it?

well, i'm finishing this now. i'm starting to feel myself start to zone out again.

"if you'd rather be somewhere that's not here, then you just gotta tell me. 'cause there's so much more to life than pretending..." vision of escaflowne soundtrack



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