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16-07-2003 - 05:27

soon to start my 8 day work week.

handle broke on my car. hope i can fix it as i currently have no properly working handles on my car (which only has 2).

and, appearently, there really is a castle in the middle of the park in ny. futile informed me that it does indeed exist.

i also finished reading american gods by neil gaiman tonight. a very good book, but not as good as neverwhere which in turn is not as good as good omens.

i'm currently watching the movie la femme nikita. bought it today. note to self: wear short dresses shopping more often. guys at the register are so much nicer. the guy at the movie/cd shop today waived the 5 dollar ordering downpayment for dvd's.

sun rising. the black outline of the trees outside of my window down the street. above them is a bright green. the colour of the waters at the baths in bath england. that merges into a light blue which in turn melds into a bright blue fading into the progressively dark sky. beautiful.

i'm not sure what i like better. sun sets or sun rises. both are beautiful. anyways. it is time to get ready for bed.

"you be my passerby. i'll be your one to pass through. screws inside. turn so tight. turning on you. i'm hanging on you..." -foo fighters



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