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21-07-2003 - 01:31

bah. i'm in the middle of an eight day work week. only 4 days left.

last night was sarah and jackie's party. much fun. and, ryan and i only had to walk one apartment over after everything was done.

what else. oh. i opened the bottom drawer in the fridge tonight...found one of ryan's apples. it had melted. it was so rotten that most of it had turned to liquid. very icky. i'll have to remember to check the drawers more often.

i have now planned where i eventually want to live. i want to live near a big city in a renovated warehouse. two story. wood floors. an elevator. a claw bathub. large standing candle holders. a small indoor garden. something like in the highlander series. i've mentioned these things before, but i was just thinking about it lately. not having to pay rent and such. though i don't think i'll have enough money to have things how i want them. something i'll have to work towards.

one thing i'm questioning. there's a guy i know who i've had interest in in the past. and, i've always been partial to guys with black hair and green eyes. well, this particular subject currently wears green coloured contacts and has recently dyed his hair black. i haven't really decided if there's renewed interest or not.

skipping around again. something that i thought was really interesting about last night was that a few people said that i looked sexy. i've never heard that word directed towards me before. and i'm not saying that i have a poor self image or anything, but as i tend to look fairly young, sexy is just a term that people don't usually equate with really young. quite odd...but i guess good.

on my next days off, i'm going to have to start planning my mini holiday away from michigan. lots and lots of plans to be made. so far, all i've decided is that i want to go to new york. there's just so much i want to do and see there.

the new brake pads on my car are working well. i never realized how easy it was to change them. and, instead of paying well over a hundred dollars, i only paid about twenty. and that covers the brake pads themselves and brake fluid (and tax). amazing. and it was fun. i enjoy working on my car. still need to figure out how to fix the door handle though.

and now it's time to drink tea and eventually sleep...or chat.

"oh no, don't you keep your good luck to yourself. oh no, don't you keep your good luck to yourself..."-audioslave



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